Programming Skills & Development Tools


Event-Driven ETL, Testing Automation, and Web Application Development

  • Python is my most experienced language in the professional setting. I’ve used python with my team at Discover to create an event-driven big data pipeline that has successfully migrated multiple petabytes worth of data across various sources and destinations.
  • Additionally, I used Python Flask as part of my internship at Discover to create a real-time data catalog web application of S3 events. This was designed with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, and EC2.

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Computing

  • I learned how to use numerous tools in AWS through my internship and professional experience at Discover and use it to host my professional website.
  • I'm currently working towards getting my associate developer and architect certifications.


Version Control

  • Git has been my primary form of version control and source code management. I credit all of my Git knowledge to Pro Git . It was recomended to me by a highly regarded colleague and I consider it an invaluable source of knowledge for all software engineers.


Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

  • I’ve primarily used Jenkins to automate unit testing, linting checks, and packaging of various python products at Discover. I configured Jenkins pipelines that build automatically on GitHub pull requests and allow for merging of feature branches only after passing testing and building stages. This has enhanced the speed and accuracy in the way that we develop new features.


Infrastructure as Code

  • I've used Terraform in the professional setting to provision and deploy a wide range of services and environments in AWS. It is one of my newer skills and I've enjoyed my work with it so far.


Object-Oriented Programming

  • The curriculum at Miami University is based in Java development. After having taken three semesters of Java-oriented classes and working as a teaching assistant, Java is the language I am most experienced in. Data structure implementation, projects, and labs were all in Java. As a TA, I developed JUnit classes to grade students' work. Additionally, I have used Ant Build scripts for deploying web applications. My primary IDE for Java development is Eclipse.

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Front-End Web Development

  • HTML and CSS were the first programming languages that I learned. I have used them in the front-end creation of Python Django and Flask applications, as well as static web pages such as the one you are currently on. I have also used JavaScript for parsing REST APIs and adding additional functionality.


Database Systems

  • I have extensive experience writing Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations with SQL. I've done this using Visual Studio, DBVisualizer, Teradata, and AWS Athena.


Functional Programming

  • The primary statistical data analysis language at Miami University is R. With R, I have performed statistical tests, deployed a Shiny application on job availability data, used numerous functions, and created multiple reports with RMarkdown. All development took place using the RStudio IDE.